Outlook OST Reporter

Use Outlook OST Reporter for Forensics Analysis

Get OST Report using this forensics software. This software provides each and every information about the Microsoft Outlook OST file. The information includes all the details about the attachments, the details of the top sender as well as the details of the top receiver and much more. The best part of this tool is that it is absolutely free. All you need to do is to just download this software and install it to enjoy its humongous features.

  • The software does not require Exchange Server environment for its working.
  • Microsoft Outlook installation is not required by this freeware.
  • View the number count of all the emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks, etc.
  • Get OST report on your machine in CSV file format.

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Features of Outlook OST Reporter

Get OST Report Using This Forensics Tool

Complete Report

OST File Report

Obtain complete OST file report with full information about the number of emails, attachments, calendar items, etc. Software provides you all the information with a forensics touch.

OST File Summary

Overall Review Report

Outlook OST Reporter provides you with the complete summary of the OST file such as space used by the data stored within the OST file, item counts, etc.

CSV Report

Export CSV Report

The software allows you to export the complete generated report on your system in the form of CSV file. You can view all the details in this CSV file.

Meta Data

View Attachment Details

After the scanning process is complete, view all the details of the attachments. These details include item count, attachment type, size of the file in MB, etc.

Top Sender

Details of Top Sender

The Top Sender tab helps you to view the details of individuals who have sent the maximum number of emails that are available within the Outlook OST file.

Top Receiver

Details of Top Receiver

Get OST Report to obtain information about the receiver who has received the most number of emails that are available within the Outlook OST file.

Get Year Wise Report

Yearly Report

You can also get year wise report of the OST file. This report includes when the OST file was accessed year wise and what all was credited in it.

Folder report

Folder Wise Report

Under Folder wise tab, view the name of the folders as well as the details available within them such as folder size, total number of attachments, etc.