Restore OST File in Outlook 2010 Just By Implementing 2 Ways of Microsoft Outlook

The entire content talks about the process of Restoring the OST file in Outlook 2010. The write-up will provide the users with many approaches to perform the process easily.

General Trivia: Outlook and its Data Files

Many users are aware of Outlook mailing client. The mailing client provides users with a facility of mailing and helps in maintaining folders like address books, calendars, notes, journals, etc. MS Outlook saves all the data of a profile in data files. Outlook provides two variants for the process, i.e., PST and OST. Personal Storage files can be named as one and other as Offline Storage Table. The OST files save the offline replica of MS Exchange Mailboxes. In contrary to it, PST functions independently on the servers. OST files are generally created when these files are configured with Exchange Server.

Technical Minutiae: OST Data File and Its Particulars

As we have already jotted it above that the Offline Folders are generated when Exchange Server is in Offline Mode. If a user needs to access the mailbox, not connected to the Exchange Server in that case, the offline mailbox needs to be configuring the MS Outlook with Exchange Server. While the entire process is done, in such case, all the mails and work connected to Server can be configured with MS Outlook. The offline storage works best in many cases like network issues, no network, server downtime, in case the user is offline. Using OST files, users can easily work with emails anywhere in network. But, there is a flaw in OST Files that they cannot be backed up individually while configured with Server.

When configured with Server for creating an OST file, the Cached Mode should be enabled or in such case, the OST file is not generated. OST files are the exact replica of mailboxes stored in the Exchange Server that is served as cache.

Locating the Offline Storage Files

For Windows 7 and Vista

C:\ Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

For Windows XP

C:\ Documents and Settings\Users\Local Settings Application\Data\ Microsoft Outlook

Why to restore the OST files to PST?

Sometimes, the question arises in our mind i.e., restore OST file to PST. How to convert both the data files? What is the need to restore the OST file ?

So, let’s find out exact reason behind the conversion:

Sometimes, due to server error, or any intrusion, virus, malfunctioning, the server crashes and the stored mailboxes also gets deleted that makes the offline copy vulnerable. To display OST file, synchronized with the MS Exchange Mailboxes, where the files belong, and in contrary to it the PST files does not come with this limitation. Henceforth, restoration makes it easy for the users to use PST file on different machines with multiple accounts.

Way 1

Manually Restore the OST files as PST

Restoring Outlook OST files can be easily done manually but it is not efficient in terms of conversion or transfer speed is required. Users should go through the methods below to perform process of export OST data to PST easily.

Archiving of Files

In MS Outlook 2013, users can easily archive the files and folders. Any user can archive the OST data to PST via Archive Option available in MS Outlook. Excluding the Contacts, all the information can be archived.

  • Start Microsoft Outlook
  • Open File Tab >> Click on Archive
  • Select the File/Folder for archiving in a new Window
  • Browse destination for storing the Archived PST file
  • Click on Ok and begin the process of Archive

Export to New PST File via Export Option

By using the Export option, users can restore ost file as PST format. This option provides the users to store the files in CSV and Excel format.

  • Open File seen on Outlook top
  • Choose open and export option from account information
  • Opt for Export a file option and proceed further
  • Select PST option and hit next button
  • Select folder to be transferred and step ahead to the next step
  • Select the location and opt for finish. Then PST file will be stored in the desired location.

Move to New PST File

Users can easily restore OST data by dragging OST file to newly made PST.

  • Launch the MS Outlook
  • In MS Outlook Profile, make new data file i.e., .pst file
  • Drag the mailbox folder to be exported to PST file

Way 2

Using a Tool

The entire process can be easily done without any hassle by just a single tool i.e., Restore OST File utility. The tool is very good providing with the recovery of damaged OST files. It even restores the deleted data from the Offline Folders. In addition to it the tool has many features that can easily serve every ones purpose. So, users can try the restore ost file to PST program for easy conversion of the files.

Wrapping it Up

From the above post, users can easily understand entire process of conversion of files. Henceforth the users should stay tuned to content and keep on following write-up to perform restoring of OST file in Outlook 2010, 2016 and other older versions by manually or via the automated solution with an ease.