Large OST File Performance Issues : Reasons, Symptoms, & Resolution

Large OST file performance issue has become one of the most common problems among users. This is due to the immense increase in the popularity of Microsoft Outlook. It brings forth some attractive features and provides instant emailing facility to its users. However, in this corporate world, there are users who are not cautious while using OST file. They totally ignore the fact an oversized OST can have adverse affect on Outlook. Users who are accessing any version, whether it is Outlook 2016, 2013, or 2010, have to face this negative impact in case of large OST file.

Apart from affecting the performance of Microsoft Outlook, it also a sign of danger for OST file. Huge Offline Storage File has greater chances to get corrupted or damaged. Therefore, it is important to keep the size of OST in limit. We will discuss an amazing trick that how to control the size of Outlook OST, however, before that let us discuss that who are affected by large OST file performance problem.

Who are Most Affected with Oversized OST Performance Issue?

  • Those employees, who are allocated with Microsoft Outlook email account for work.
  • Organization or enterprises that are completely dependent on Outlook platform for their business continuity.
  • For users, who have chosen Outlook as their obvious preference for emailing proposes or cross-communication.
  • Apart from this, for users who are using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange connection, oversized OST may create lot of hurdles in between the work, etc.

Let us consider a query of a user taken from the forum site, which explains the issues of large OST performance clearly.


"Pathetic! I am using Microsoft Outlook 2013 in my machine. It is working absolutely fine as of now, but suddenly from the last one week is not working properly. I mean, whenever I try to access OST file or any other file, it opens very slowly. The entire process takes a very long time. In fact, at times it get freeze in between the process and I have to start it once again. I want to tell you the incident of yesterday, I was accessing my OST file and all of a sudden Outlook got hang. I had to restart it once again and it took almost 20 minutes of mine. I cannot afford that much time every time, as there are some urgent works that I need to complete within specific period. I do not know the reason behind this, but I think my OST file is oversized. Please suggest me any way to get out this situation and to bring my Outlook in workable condition."

Symptoms and Problems Faced by Users

If you are one of them who are facing the issues associated with a large OST file performance and your Outlook OST file does not match mailbox Size in Exchange Server, then you must notice that mostly the problem occurs while synchronization and email deliveries. This implies that OST takes a specific time for the process of synchronization and this is because of large OST file size. This clearly shows that huge OST is the chief cause behind this sluggish performance of Outlook.

Some Possible Resolution for Large OST File Performance Problem

It is important to resolve Outlook performance issue as soon as possible. This is because neglecting the issue for a long time may even worsen the situation. It can even damage the OST file. In fact, there are some chances of data loss as well. Therefore, in case, the size of OST data file is in between 2 GB and 4 GB, then users should take some steps to lessen it. They can reduce the number of email items contained in the Outlook OST file. Moreover, they can attempt to compact them to make it easily manageable. However, if the large OST file is corrupted or damaged due to its large size then it can be repaired with the help of OST repair tool.

An Alternative Solution to Fix OST Oversized Performance Issue

If the OST file has reaches to its size limit and now have become so large that it is prone to corruption then there is no need to worry at all. Users can opt for a third party tool in such situations. However, choosing a right software is very important. OST Splitter belongs to the category of a reliable application. It is designed to split or break large size OST file. This utility is totally dependable and safe to divide big OST files by size, date, year and folder.

To Wrapping It Up

In the above blog, we have learned about large OST file performance issues in a precise manner. We get to know that what kind of issues a user may face if the size OST file reaches to its limit. Considering this, we have also learned a perfect solution to fight against this problem in an easy and quick manner.